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Thread: Opus 150Watt Power (Cold Boot) Problems Solved...?

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    Opus 150Watt Power (Cold Boot) Problems Solved...?

    Right im just posting this, in the crazy thought that maybe, someone out there, will have the same random problem as me .

    Id like to point out, that the system ran FINE 100% on a normal ATX 300watt psu.

    I then purchased an opus 150watt psu. Powering a P4 Jetway Motherboard, a celeron 2.53ghz processor, 512mb ram, slimline cdrw / dvd combo drive, 7" lilliput screen, a gps usb adapter, and a 3.5" 250gb hard disc driver.

    First time i set it up in the car, it booted fine on the opus, then from that day on, the pc would never boot from cold, it would always hang just before detecting hardware. Now it always looked like i was pulling too much power. Everytime i would hook up a normal psu, it would boot first time.
    After checking voltages etc, it all seemed fine, tried unplugged the hard drive, it seemed to boot first time past post.

    But the fix for the problem, was actually...
    Turn off the pc health monitor on post (the numbers at the bottom of your bios screen which tell you fan speed, temperature, and voltages)

    since this has been off, its booted from cold everytime.

    im just posting this with a hope that oneday, it will help someone else when they use the search feature!

    Cant believe it was something so stupid.

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    I'm glad it's working fine for you now, but I have to say that you've probably found a coincidental workaround rather than a solution for the problem. That option really has very little to do with anything. The fact that it works without the hard drive suggests that you are overloading the power supply, quite possibly on the 5v rail. If it's working now, you may want to leave it alone, but if the problem returns you'll know not to be too surprised.

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    well its done it for some days now.

    the problem is i couldnt promise you that it was the hard drive being removed that caused it, it may have just been that it got out of its cold state, the same time i unplugged it.

    still it works, and the pc always has been rock solid stable ones its booted.

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    You should check your system using one of the power calculators. I think numbers' idea is a good one.

    If I read correctly, you unplugged the HD AND PC health monitor at post. If numbers is right, you ought to be able to turnon the PC health monitor and the PC will still boot.

    If you run the Opus at max power, it could shorten its life.
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    no i turn off pc health monitor, and the pc has worked ever since with hard drive on, perfectly.
    i even tried running it with hard drive on a seperate psu and that didnt cure the cold boot problem.

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