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Thread: 300W tiny PSU final feature requests collecting

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    It's a conspiricy I tell you! Kidnapping our greatest minds to... er... do something... and... um... aliens... and uhh....stuff.

    But seroiusly, this sucks. This was going to be the greatest thing to hit the car computing community (or those with high power demands like me ). Have you tried his email, etc? I just hope he's on long Christmas holidays or something and will be back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Probably been employed by Streetdeck

    not yet!

    here and doing nothing

    34 7'28.78"N
    118 3'2.62"W

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    OMG his BACK!!! haha
    Mirage 2003 model

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    hey, dragon

    I've read from page 1~12..... heck i'll come over and check on the process.... Lets say i fly over next week and we can meet. Maybe i can bring a few prototype back to the US?

    PS. I 'm traveling overseas, for vacation.
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    omg, what are those coordinates for? Do you want us to Google Earth you or something? Do you have a secret message encoded for us that can only be seen through satellite?

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