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Thread: M1-ATX shutdown, sound keeps coming for 10 or 12 secs

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    M1-ATX shutdown, sound keeps coming for 10 or 12 secs

    I know this is by design, but are people really walking away from their cars with music still playing??

    I have the jumpers set for a 5 second delay, then there might be another 5 seconds until the music actually stops. I am using the amp turn-on lead, I guess I never thought about the amp staying on as long as the power supply.

    are more people just wiring the amp remote turn on directly to the key so that their music kills with the key??
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    5 Seconds is about the time it takes me to undo my seat belt and open the door, so the music shuts off just as I'm stepping out of the car. Kind of like the GM stock radios.

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    i guess it wouldn't be that much of a hassle to wire the amp remote turn on to the ACC, like you said.

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    The reason why M1-ATX has an amp turn-on connection is to avoid the thump produced by the PC as it turns on. And the thump is what you will hear if you connect the ACC/IGN directly to the amp. Unless you put in some kind of delay circuitry, of course.

    I understand that it feels kinda awkward to shut the car door and leave the car while music is still playing. I feel exactly the same way. I'd rather have this than the thump though.
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