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Thread: Found 5V@10A PSU to power USB hubs, devices, etc

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    Thumbs up Found 5V@10A PSU to power USB hubs, devices, etc

    MEANWELL makes enclosed DC/DC PSU's with regulated 5V@10A (50W) output and 9-18VDC input for $36.

    There is also a 5V@5A (25W) version which is half the size but more expensive, $41.

    Jameco has them

    50W output

    25W output

    They also have 12V output PSU's.

    Only downside is that the PSU is a bit on the bigger side but when you have 20 usb devices... its well worth it. I'm gonna use to power all my USB stuff. Nowdays even my phone chargers are usb as well so it will serve multiple purposes.
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    good find! this could be a nice replacement for my inverter setup. price ain't too bad either!

    link to 12v @ 2.1A version: click here
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    They found this one already, and for what I see better prices.

    I need a cheap 12v power regulator. Nothing fancy, just one LCD


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