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Thread: Lilliput powered by Opus 90 watt?

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    Lilliput powered by Opus 90 watt?

    Is anyone else powering a Lilliput 7" screen off of their Opus 90 watt power supply? I've been having some problems with my screen which only seem to manifest when it's in the car, run off the Opus. In the house using the wall wart adaptor, it works fine.

    The Opus is running the screen, my EPIA MII 1GHz, and a 40G IDE hard drive; no other peripherals. I know the screen only pulls 7 watts but I'm not sure about the motherboard or the hard drive.

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    ive got the screen running on my opus 90 and its runnin fine ive got... 120 gig hd - 512 ram - 3 fans - usb gps - pci wifi - usb webcam - usb ir reciever - usb wifi and it runs fine

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    Are you sure you wired up the right voltage/polarity when connecting to the opus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by omehegan
    Is anyone else powering a Lilliput 7" screen off of their Opus 90 watt power supply?
    Yes, no problems so far. Remember, the 12V rail of an Opus 90W can only provide 2.5A of constant current, which could be insufficient for powering a 3.5" hdd, a 5.25" dvd drive and a Lilliput.

    Slimline dvd drives and 2.5" harddrives require a single 5V only.
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