I searched on the this topic and found this discussion:

OPUS 150 + Biostar M7NCG - NO BEEP, NO POST!!!

However, I was trying to figure out what are we losing by doing this biostar "fix". Upon emailing tech support and asking them what function of the PSU I will be sacrificing by this mod, this is the response I got from Opus:

"Protection purposes. This mod lowers the overvoltage protection on the power
switch pins."

In another e-mail I did confirm that the PSU still works with other MB's after the "mod", but with a loss of overvoltage protection:

"The power supply will still work with other motherboards after the

I might be planning on using another MB instead of my Biostar in the near future, thats why I was a bit curious about this. I was wondering how big of a deal this is in losing this overvolatge protection? If anyone can help with that info, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.