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Thread: Opus - Hibernation

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    Opus - Hibernation

    Hi guys,

    I recently have been having problems with my opus whereby it won't shut down when I switch the ignition off.

    Also if I try and manually put it into hibernation it powers down then instantly restarts and will only switch off on the second manual time. (I hope this makes sense)

    I have checked that this is not a software problem by hooking up the power switch on the box and it works fine.

    I have also checked that the acc power is working and that seems fine as well.

    So I sent the opus back to the retailer, and it looks like they sent me a new one. Yet, I am still getting this same issue.

    Anyone got any ideas !!!!!!??????

    I'm running Opus 150w, Intel D865GLC (mATX), 2.0ghz intel celeron, 256mb RAM, 80GB Maxator SATA HD, DVD ROM, USB Soundblaster, Xenarc Touchscreen, GPS Receiver, RR and MM



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    where is your remote lead comming from? (radio remote, fuse box, ect?)
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    It comes from the Headunit ACC line.

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    i get this occasionally too

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