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Thread: 'Intelligent' startup & shutdown controller

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    'Intelligent' startup & shutdown controller

    I have a concept idea and semi workings of an 'intelligent' startup & shutdown controller.

    It has a VB front end which can be used to program the hardware controller.

    If you had the option of having this type of controller, what features would you like it to have? Such as software controlled variable startup / shutdown delays.

    This is your oportunity to have an input on what i would hope to be a very user friendly piece of kit.

    Many thanks,

    Steve Tisseyre

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    will it have a usb port?

    here is what i would like to be usb or serial and have some extra inputs

    Reverse light
    Handbrake light

    so you can read these inputs as a 1 or a 0 for adding to the frontend program features

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    Not sure at the moment, depends what the demand is, just gauging interest.

    It is USB and i can have the inputs read etc. I do have a working prototype which can have upto 64 inputs / outputs if needs be.

    Now whether the Startup / shutdown controller is stand alone or combined on the PCB with the IO board is still to be decided. I'm inclined to make a nice small PCB which is USB connected for just the startup / shutdown controller. Then perhaps a larger board with everything combined.

    I have it at the moment so the user can select from the front end the delay before the PC turns on or off. I'm interested what other options people want for this controller, like "Do not turn off on next engine off", ideal for those fuel fill-up situations etc.

    Just let me know the features and i'll see what i can do.



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    I have something like that running in my car now. Shutdown timer is important of course, plus a heartbeat. VGA or amp turn on delay is good. Standby timer, which wakes the PC back up after a given number of minutes/hours with which input woke it (or timeout so it goes to hibernate). ACC signals the software to shutdown and can and can be set to start the timer but I don't like that. Feel free to look at my code on my car pc page.
    After doing this, I think a PC controlled SDC is a very usefull addition.

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