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Thread: power converter wiring help

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    power converter wiring help

    I want to run my power converter with a remote switch for my carputer. I want to put the switch on my dash so I can manually turn it on/off, BUT I want it to SHUT OFF when the car shuts off. I know this can be done, but I am having a hell of a time trying to figure it out.

    I will cut the negative line INSIDE the converter and run that to the switch and back. I want to also use an ACC line so that when there is no power to the ignition, theres no power to the switch/converter.

    Can someone show with a simple sketch how to do this? Even dashes will do, or try to explain in dummy terms. I'm planning all of this out while I'm serving out the rest of my deployment in Kosovo so that I have EVERYTHING I need figured out for when I get home. Then all I do is get my tablet I have everything wrote down in and go to town.

    Thanks. I did search, and I found ONE post with this in it, but I can't find it anymore! I swear I searched the power supply forum for an hour. Sorry if I'm retarded, and THANKS.

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    1) Find an ACC line to tap into (i believe this is what u would need, because an ACC line turns off when the car is off, correct?)
    2) run that line to one side of the switch.
    3) run a line from the other side of the switch to the converter.

    heres my diagram:


    The top one shows how it's wired, and the bottom shows how it works (when the switch is off, it breaks the line).

    You can get a single pole switch from radio shack they have others, but that at least shows the basic idea: 1 wire (power) goes to one of the terminals, and the other (the switch leg) to the other terminal.

    hopefully i answered your question...

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    In addition, you may also consider using a single-pole-tripple-throw switch (rather than double-throw) so that using the switch you can select on, off, and acc-control - all independant from one another.

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