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Thread: Inverter + Amp Installation

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    Inverter + Amp Installation

    Excuse me if this has been asked before, i tried searching but could find no info. I currently run 4 gauge wire to the trunk of my car powering an amp. This is connected directly to the battery with an inline fuse.

    I am now wanting to install an inverter for a computer, and have these questions:
    1. Can I have the inverter in the trunk, or is that too far of a run for it to work properly?

    2. Can I use the power cable already in my trunk to power the inverter? If so, how would I do this, just splice the wire?

    Thanks for the help, I know nothing about power, a friend of mine wired the amp for me.

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    You can use the 4gauge wire already going to your trunk (assuming you don't have the biggest amp I've ever seen. Run your 4 gauge wire into a "distribution block". From there, reconnect your amp. Get yourself an inline fuse holder and hook that up to the distribution block and run it to your inverter.

    In my setup this would work. You should calculate the amperage that your amp is drawing and the amperage that your inverter might draw too. I run a 60amp fuse for my 4 gauge wire to the trunk. my amp only pulls about 30 - 40 amps. A 200 watt power supply would pull about 17 amps. from the battery at peak power.

    If you post some information about your amp, inverter and PC power supply types and wattage I could give better estimates for you.
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    Thanks, that makes alot of sence. Im just in a planning phase right now, more along the lines of 'would this be possible'. Once I get more serious I will figure out the particulars. My amp is pretty small, I got it for free, just using it to power some pioneer 6x9's... not like I have a huge amp and sub or anything. Also, Once I install the computer, im planning on just getting a cheap barebones.. nothing to powerful. Im glad to hear it sounds like it will work.. in all honesty it will be Feb. before I install though.. thats when my engineering friend is coming to visit, and can teach me how to do it all

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