Hi All,

I decided to put some SLA batteries in to run my inverter, I have 4x 18AH 12v SLA's.

I thought about putting them all in parallel, which is apparently ok, and to charge them, I run 9x 15ohm 10W resistors, which I worked out i needed, to get a lower current rating for the battery bank.

So before I put the charging circuit in, I decided to link up all the batteries. I fused each one invidiually, as well as after they all combine to go into the charging circuit.

Well I got a weird smell, similar to eggs cooking, one of the wires going to battery 1 was real warm, but the fuse hadn't broken.. I took the individual fuse for battery 1 out, which was hot to handle. Battery 2 wire had started getting warm, 3 + 4 were ok.

Just wondering if I've done something wrong, or if I should go back to my individual circuit, which means each battery has an individual 3x15ohm/10W circuit to charge them. Then it had a diode of the battery, to my inverter.. so each battery couldn't charge itself, but they did anyway through the resistors, effectively going throgh twice between each battery..

Sorry to all if this is hard to understand, if I could put up an image i would.

I'll charge all the batteries up from my 240v charger, top them all up and try again maybe..

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance,