After trying to compact my docking station with a hacksaw, I decided to ditch it totally.

So I need a new way of waking it up. I figured I'd give WOR "Wake on Ring" a try again.

Not having much luck. I've read just about every post I could find here and I've done pretty extensive googling of the matter. Still much is not clear.

I've seen people say short out pin 9 to 5 and this confuses the hell out of me. Ok, Pin-9 is ring, Pin-5 is ground. So what, run + to 9 and 5 to ground? Tried that and it didn't work and not really suprised. (Yes WOR is on in the Bios.)

So here's a couple questions.

Do you even need a modem or is this a function of the serial port? The Bios has no modem options outside of WOR (the laptop has a spot for an internal modem but lacks it.)

The other thing that confuses me is that if you're not using a modem, my understanding, if there's not a common ground, the signals won't be received due to the voltage swings IIRC. I know everytime I hook a PIC up to a PC I need to use a MAX232 or similar.

I thought about soldering the power button in the laptop and just using a molex plug or similar on the side, but it's so damn small. Don't want to risk ruining the motherboard.

Any details that anyone has to share would be appreciated.