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Thread: M1-ATX Wiring Diagram -W.I.P.-

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    M1-ATX Wiring Diagram -W.I.P.-

    This is a basic wiring diagram for the M1 PSU any input will be added to it. Please let me know.

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    why are you running audio to your monitor?
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    The power coming from the M1ATX isn't 12-18v. It's three rails: 12v, 5v and 3.3v in that 20-pin ATX connector.

    I'd also suggest making the VGA and IGN connections more contrasting colors. To someone without a sharp eye, they both are 'yellow'.
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    Where is the J3 on the M1-ATX?

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    actually, i have the same question. the J3 isnt labelled on the manual and I found it on the board itself but it's this wierd plug. anyone know what the name of the plug is i need to put into there (that has a molex on the other end). and where i can buy one that'll work for the m1atx

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    was this ever decided on as a diagram that would have complete functionality? i have found the other diagrams on the faq's but are so complex. im wonding if this simple one will do just as well.

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    I tried using a 30A inline fuse and the PS started on fire. I was then told that the M1-ATX 90W PS probably should be using a 10A fuse. Which one is true?
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    its easy to figure out what size fuse to use... Watts = Volts x Amps ...

    therefore 90w / 12v = 7.5a

    so you actually need a 7.5a fuse to make sure that doesnt burn up.. Unless im missing something obvious..

    can anyone chip in and agree/disagree ??
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    from what I understand The M1 comes with a built in 10A fuse. So putting a 10A fuse near the battery sounds good.

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    i would say 30 near the battery.literaly next to the bat on the 4 gauge. that way if somethign happens to the wire it grounds..then the fuse blows killing the circuit at a very close dist. to the battery. then a 7.5 fuse maybe right before the PSU. and i dont know why the PSU would burn up? the 10 amp should have blown and the diagram shows you can link it directly to the batt. must be somethign with your system.

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