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Thread: Invertor for PS2

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    Post Invertor for PS2

    I hooked up a 150W invertor to the + of my carbattery and used a relay to turn it on with my car's acc line. After 1 minute of running the PS2 on this invertor, the invertor started beeping which (as the manual says) means that the overload protection kicked.

    150W is enough for a PS2/Playstation2 right??

    Even when I don't connect anything to the invertor the it keeps bleeping that the overload protector kicked in.

    Is my invertor damaged? Can you guys confirm 150W is enough for a PS2?

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    If my car isn't running, it doesn't matter what I have plugged into the inverter - it starts beeping.
    May be bad wiring, may be a weak battery. Either way, the alternator seems to give it enough juice.
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    Mine does that too. My computer won't even get into windows before the inverter beeps and kicks off. It even does it when I start the car, when nothing is running off of it. 150W sound be more than enough to run a PS2, you just need your car running. M.A.V.I.C. System
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