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Thread: modding a PSU

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    Post modding a PSU

    i have a 250 watt AT ac-dc psu which works great in the car and i have no need to get a dc-dc right now. anyways, i was wondering if it is possible to shrink down my AT PSU?? when i look inside of it through the slots, it looks like i could cut it open and make the enclosure a bit smaller. Is there any safety concerns with this? Is it possible to do? Thanks.
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    your thinking in the same way that I am at the moment for my next revision. I am perfect with inverter/ATX PSU for my system, my sound output is excellect and I really cant justify the cost in getting a 12V DC-DC PSU.

    Anyway I was going to gut my ATX PSU and my inverter so I just have the circuit boards. Then run the 240V output from the intervers circuit board straight into the ATX's circuit board. Then mount both circuit boards within my case. Then I will remount the ATX's PSU fan within the case so to have cool air blow over the PSU and inverter circuit boards...... which is good news for the inverter, cause it does get a little bit warm after some use....

    the only issue i have is that to get good sound I, like most ppl needed to ground the ATX PSU's casing... since we have removed the metal case....??

    maybe just ground the PSU circuit board since that is technically the only thing in physical contact with the metal casing? some ideas anyway....
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