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Thread: Adding a second battery?

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    Originally posted by embedded:
    <STRONG>I found from old at-ps doublediode which can handle 30 amps!
    It's MBR 3045</STRONG>
    Digikey has the MBR4045WT-ND 40 amp diode for about 2 bucks. It has a forward voltage drop of only .4 volts at 10 amps! It is my guess that you could use this to charge just about any battery. And if your worried about over current problems, you can always put a 0.01 - 0.5 ohm resistor in series with it to limit the charging current.
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    I have a 2nd battery (split charge relay)
    shows schematics and pics

    costs like $10+battery cost..
    easy to do, 10 minute install job..

    just make sure if u buy an acid battery to house it properly.
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