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Thread: Anyone try a Forward Converter?

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    Important thread for some people


    Thanks for keeping up this info on your page and making yourself available to help.

    I understand that for a lot of people buying a DC-DC converter might look a simple solution, unfortunately for some others this is still out of reach. I live in South America and have searched for a dc-dc converter everywhere and have not been able to find one, so the solution would be buy through the internet but the customs taxes are so high that I would have to end paying about 200 US$ for one of these.

    So my best shot so far is giving a try to your documentation. Once again thanks a lot. By the way, you have a link on your page to Arby's tutorial. Since arbys page on is no longer available, the link is broken. I was wondering if you would have that tutorial on a file that you could send to my e-mail address [email protected].

    Thanks in advance.


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    I was wondering if any one knows how you could regulate 12v dc? I just need a regulated 12V line and then I'm all set. My idea is to just regulate the 12V line then use an in expensive "psu" like the pw-120-m to regulate the rest of the lines.

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    Graham, WA
    does anyone have that tutorial that arby did or another good one?

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    thanks from users

    sometimes ago i had found this page which is not available now and mirrored by and was intrested in the project , it's a year after that ,now i wanted to make a car mp3 player with my K6II cpu for my digi camaro ( , i had wound a new transformer (for AT PSU) and considering i was somehow lucky , the supply worked, but when i drawed more than a ampere voltage rails falled !
    so i am tunning it , i'll send more info when i get back from my trip.
    currently my problem is the Duty cycle goes too soon near to 50% even when i draw as low as 3 ampere !
    i did think the problem should be the primary windings ,considering i had pictured every winding which i dissasembled , the problem shouldn't be for the secondarys ,because they are same as before.
    primaries are changed ,they was 20 in bottom+ 23 on top of EI core and i decided to use sixfular 7 turns on bottom and 7 turns sixfular on top ,driving by two IRFZ44s .
    just some minutes ago i used a 18v source (12+6) and again i got a blown IRFZ44 ! i had chance it didn't hit my eye !
    if this info is little i'll post more in 2 days later from now.

    marsjell looking for your help also.

    thanks for the help of the rest of people here specially presslab and marsjell .

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