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    Question power inverter

    I have a 300 watt power inverter and will install it permanently in the car. Now my question is: Does it have to be switched off when starting the car? The instructions say so, but I would prefer to switch is off only when the car is in the garage, because I also have a UPS and it would be slightly inconvinient to have to switch the both off when starting the car?

    Has anyone done this, and what were the results?

    P.S. I prefer to switch them both off each time than having a fried inverter

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    I will try and not to get into detail as to how you go about doing what not. But lets see if you can peace these two things together ok... get a relay, look for ur ACC line and u will solve ur problem. What u need is an automatic switch on/off so using that relay and attaching it ur ACC line and then the power wire from ur ups/inverter to the box......... still with me ?
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