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Thread: P1900 to laptop

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    P1900 to laptop

    I've been digging around and it seems like I found the solution I want but it can't be this easy so I'm sure I'm missing something (just concerned about power and startup/shutdown right now).

    My laptop power input is 19V @ 4.2A so I am planning to power it from a P1900. Then I was going to wire the startup/shutdown controller output from the P1900 to the power button connection in the laptop. That's it...the system should power up when I turn on the key and shut down when I turn it off. What am I missing (other than sticking the correct power connector on the 19v output of he P1900)?


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    i know this isnt exactly what you want but it's similar

    HOW TO:use opus with a laptop......

    good luck

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    The P1900 will work just fine. It will also provide enough juice for a touchscreen, 4-port hub, or external slim-drive (one but not all). The only thing you need to do is set the power button to do whatever you want it to do (shutdown/startup, hibernate/resume, standby/resume). Outside of that, the only trouble you may have is wiring up the power button on the laptop as some have very small solder points. Good luck with the install, post pics when you get it setup.

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    One other thing to watch out for.... Lately some laptop manufacturers are designing manufacturer-specific locking devices into their power adapters so that you cannot use a clone adapter. Dell for example has a 3-wire power cable from their AC adapter. I do not have the details on this design, but I have heard that many of the generic clone adapters will not work with some Dell laptops. Here's a snippet from the PowerStream website.

    Other than that, the P1900 should work fine for you.
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