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Thread: Anyone who's made a Sproggy style DC/DC help

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    Dustin Haug

    Post Anyone who's made a Sproggy style DC/DC help

    Just curious how you guys wired up T6. I'm having some problems with mine. I'll try and describe what I did, I'm going from the pin description here:

    Pin 1 goes to Vin, pin 2 to Vsw with SA28A and MUR120 between them.
    Pin 5 goes to my MBR340 and turns into my +12V.
    Pin 7 goes to the 1N5819 and turns into the -12V.
    Pin 6 and 8 are grounded together.

    What happens is that I've got my +12 but only at up to around .25A before it drops to about 11.4V. The -12 is actually about -30. So I'm fairly certain I've connected something wrong on the secondary, but I can't find anyone who's posted how they did it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated I'm hoping to finish this before thanksgiving.

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    Dustin Haug


    Anybody? Even a description of how you did it would help a ton.


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    dustin are u using a PCB or a project board?

    How can u go wrong on connection in a PCB??

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    Dustin Haug


    I'm using a project board. All I need is someone who has one working properly to tell me how each pin should be hooked up.

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    Dustin Haug


    I figured it out I think. I found the component placement pic on Sproggy's web page so I'll just look at that.


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