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Thread: Sproggy Power Supply Question

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    Dustin Haug


    I've been considering making a small timer circuit to allow the HD to "spin up" off of the car battery and then switch over to my DC/DC once it's up and running. Unless you have one hell of a beefy power supply the voltage drop you'll see from it while the drive is starting shouldn't be any worse than running straight from the car. But I do agree with Aaron and the others that it probably isn't best to leave it running off of the car's battery directly.

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    Yeah, sounds good, but, changing the power source used to power the HD while the computer is booting, or is about to, probably isn't a good idea, you would have to spin up the drive before you turned on the carputer, (thats what your circuit could do)

    By the way,I'm not sure at all that you know what scope is it.
    I know, I know quite a lot for my age, I am sure that I know more about electronics and the related equiptment that every kid in year 10 at my school...

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    mtmsol, I think you answered your own problem with your second posting..... just run the CPU cooler and LCD off 1 or maybe two 12volt voltage regs running off the battereys power supply...... the CPU cooler wont draw much and 500Ma for the LCD will be more than fine with cheap 7512 regs and a little smoothing circuit........

    best of luck.... (we always say that dont we? are we trying to protect ourselves! )
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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