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Thread: How does this one look

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    Jeff, how much do the parts run? Are they easy to obtain?
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    Originally posted by steve671:
    Do you sell those assembled? If so how much? I would like to buy one.
    Yes I do. I am going to sell them this xmas break. I will probably do ebay unless you really want it fast and are willing to pay me lots of $ :-)

    All of the parts can be bought from digikey and mouser. Except for the board which I have custom made. And the heatsinks which I have to run through the band saw and drill press, I get them at true value hardware.

    As for how much they cost? Ok, the parts cost about 80-90 dollars from digikey and mouser. The boards costs me 20 + shipping. The heatsinks cost about 5 if I don't include all the overhead of drilling them out. Then there is about 6 hours of labor. I sold the first one for 100 bucks. I am using one in my car with my new mp3 player and it is great. And I just sold the latest version to a guy for 200 bucks. So, like I said, if you really want one, you won't be disapointed if you use it like it was designed. But this is one my hobbies, I am a full time electrical engineer and I just do this for fun. Since I don't know what to charge people, I'm going to try the ebay thing.

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