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    Okay Guys and dolls heres the deal. Im building my new system. Im new to the mp3car game so i need some help. I Need a DC-DC Power Supply with an input of 12-15v and an output of 5V solid. The smaller the better. Can Anyone help?

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    IS that it, don't you need any other voltages??
    and how solid do you need the output to be, and I think it would be better to have it with a range of about 10-16volts input, and how much current does it have to be able to deliver, I personally would make one using either 1, 2, or 3 MAX787

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    What type of system do you want to power? If you need AT, check out the Arise 865V ( ). If it is ATX, scroll down and look at all the ATX supply posts.

    If all you need is 5V, check out any of the multiple electronics surplus companies (MECI, etc.). They probably have a DC-DC to suite your purpose.
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