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Thread: Just A Few Questions On: M1-ATX

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    Question Just A Few Questions On: M1-ATX

    I have been searching on thses forums for a few hours now and havent really found anyone in the same situation as me. I have tried several power supply calculators and they have come up with a huge range of results. Will the M1-ATX 90w power supply be enough to power:

    Micro ATX mobo with 700mhz P3 with Onboard Graphics and sound etc

    4200rpm 40gb 2.5" HDD

    1 x 256mb pc100 SDRAM

    USB wireless network adaptor.

    And run my USB keyboard and mouse.

    I was going to use an external dvd-rom, when I need to use it, but if I could use it internally then that would be a bonus.


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    I believe you'll be okay. I have an M1-atx and power the following components fine with it:

    7" Xenarc 700TSV
    Epia SP13000 1.3Ghz
    512MB RAM
    7200rpm 80GB 2.5" HDD
    USB Wireless network adapter
    USB adapter w/ Playstation controllers
    USB thumb drive
    USB touchscreen
    USB GPS receiver
    14 LED's lighting up the case (only use about 1W, but included it nonetheless)
    occasionally a 3.5" DVD burner from the desktop in the house.
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    cheers for that! I just want to see what others think of my proposed setup and if M1-ATX would be fine.

    Motherboard: MSI Socket 370 w/o-board devices
    Harddrive: 20gb 4200rpm 2.5" notebook
    Memory: 1 x 256mb pc100 SDRAM
    CD/DVD ROM: Slim notebook dvd-rom
    Other Devices: USB Wireless Network Adaptor, & Ive added another 3 devices just incase i decide to add more, as I prob will in time.

    Power Supply: ??????

    The M1-ATX 90 Watts sounds good. And it seems to have enough wattage and the right voltage etc to be able to run my setup. But I would like to hear from the more experienced guys in here. Just so I dont make a wrong decission.

    Heres what the calculator said:

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    I also use the M1-ATX 90W PSU, but my setup is slightly less draining:

    VIA EPIA SP8000E
    7" Lilliput 629GL
    512Mb RAM
    USB GPS receiver
    USB Mouse
    USB Touchscreen
    USB 802.11g Wireless
    USB External 120Gb Hard disk
    Internal IDE 2.5" 20Gb Hard disk
    External DVD-ROM drive

    Most of the values I got from the hardware manuals for the products as where possible I used the value when they were running at 100% utilisation.

    My estimate was I was kicking out about 60W with this lot. And I'm happy with this.

    I'd recommend you don't go anywhere near 90W with the M1-ATX 90W - why stress it? All these components have got a tough enough job working in extreme temperatures and humidity anyway!


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