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Thread: ATTN MOAHDIB!! Question on Auto-shutdown circuit...

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    Post ATTN MOAHDIB!! Question on Auto-shutdown circuit...

    I decided to give it a try... I have a few questions though.
    1) On the list of parts you posted in the Atx shutdown idea post, you mentioned a Schottkey Diode, however your other parts list doens't list it. I couldn;t find it at the electronics shop, so do I need it?

    2) Is ther any way you can post a picture of the bottom of your circuit so I can get an idea of how it is all tied together (I have very limited electronics experience.

    3) In your picture below, I have circled some items, what are they? Also, in the boxes, can you identify where each of the wires will connect at theire free ends (for example "Large yellow wire is the switched wire of the relay" - thought thats a total guess)...

    Thanks so much!
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    LOL this is a very detailed post. I feel I am being attacked.

    ANyway, I will explain myself. I DID take pictures of the bottom of my shutdown but the problem is that my dig camera CF card cannot be read from winXP (incompatible driver) Sooooooooo you have to wait till I use a diff machine to read the file and then upload somewhere.

    With that said....about the picture

    RED WIRE ON TOP: that's the Vacc (connected to remote-on from my car stereo)

    BLACK AND YELLOW on the left: Black is ground and Yellow is 12V from battery.

    BOttom wires...
    Actually there is 4 wires...Yellow ( can't see in this pic), 2 black and a red.

    Yellow: is 12V to my ATX PSU.
    Black: ( next to yellow) is the Ground.
    Black: ( next to red) this is the ATX power on + wire ( in my computer it is 5V, others could be 3.3V) WHen this is connected to ground it sends the power on/off signal.
    Red: this is 5V from my ATX PSU to power my 40X4 LCD.

    2 circled black things: the 2 transistors.

    the orange and white wires:
    this is connected to a momentary switch and sends the shutdown without delay signal to the shutdown controoler.

    the yellow and white wires: gives me the +5V and Ground to power my 40X4 LCD.

    If you are still confused I might put a parts diagram together as well for the electronically challenged

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    that would be good. unless Jeff decides to make these things.


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