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Thread: PSU required for desktop_PC recommisioned to Carputer?

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    PSU required for desktop_PC recommisioned to Carputer?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here and hope somebody can point me in the right direction to find an answer. ive looked around quite a bit to find the answer mysekf but had no luck.

    What I'm trying to do is build a low budget CarPC from parts I have lying around. I plan on purchasing the PSU and Touchscreen LCD but Im concerned about the draw of the components based on the size of the PSU's offered at The last thing I want to do is get the PSU and not have enough juice to power the devices and/or deal with the unit rebooted when i crank the car.

    Below are the components In plan to use in the CarPC:

    Mobo: AOpen AX63-Pro
    CPU: Intel 800Mhz
    RAM: 1GB
    Video: GeForce Fx5600 256MB
    Sound: SB Live! 5.1
    HDD's : (2) W.D. 40GB IDE 3.5"
    CDROM : Dell Slimline unit salvaged from an old Laptop using an Adapter to attach it to a standard IDE cable
    Monitor: 7" LCD touchpad (Not yet purchased)

    If anyone could recommend a PSU offered here I'd certainly appreciate it. If for some reason, you dont feel like it's possible in this configuration, could you perhaps offer a solution that won't cost me an arm and a leg?

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    I'd recommend losing the high-end 3D card. It will be throttled by the slow CPU and the 2x AGP bus on your motherboard. You can get an AGP card that will work just fine for $20 (or less) or so if you shop around.
    In fact, here's one for $19.99 at New Egg.

    If you lose the high-end video card, an Opus 150w would do the job easily and leave you room for expansion or upgrading.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Thanks Darque. Placed my orders today and started the fabrication of the new case. I'll let you all know how it goes!!!

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