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Thread: will a 300Watt inverter do? Or is it over kill?

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    Post will a 300Watt inverter do? Or is it over kill?

    Well as the title suggests I was wanting the opinion of some of the "experts" (lol, no really) on powers supplies to tell me if a 300Watt inverter would be enough or to much for the following:

    Running a PSOne (playstation 1 Ver2.0)
    Duron 800, (nothing special inside it)

    The specific one Im looking at is this one

    (hope the link still works)
    Anyway let me know what is good/bad about my choice , and ignore the price, I have other ideas on getting it.

    Cheers Mik.
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    One thing to keep in mind when buying an inverter is that the 300W spec is the PEAK power rating. Don't expect to get 300W out of it constantly. RSM (or average) power rating is probably not even mentioned on the thing but expect the RMS power rating to be about half of the peak power rating. So if you're Duron 800 and your PS 1 have a combined power requirement greater than 150W I would be careful with an inverter...

    Okay ignore my ramble... After reading the web page you quoted earier it looks like this thing will do 300W continuous (or RMS) and surge up to 900W (peak). I would think that it would be okay.

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