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Thread: opus 150w on/off cigarette lighter

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    opus 150w on/off cigarette lighter

    ok so having built my system (pentium celeron 2gh, 512mb ram, 160 gig hd) i installed today to give it a test run with an inverter, hoping it would run adequately enough to manage for now til i had the money for an opus. well i was disappointed to say the least it would run when ignition was off with a loud buzzing, with ignition on it didnt even bat and eyelid. So ive now ordered an opus and it will arrive 2morrow. Ive read installation already and plan on running pos and neg straight from battery (assume thats ok), however, for the ignition on/off lead could i run it from cigarette lighter. Ive already cut off the cigarette lighter so its just the wires left as it was in use before, however, now there is nothing on the ingition wire, could i in theory use this as it doesnt provide the constant supply more the signal that it can be?

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    Most recommendations is to not, as you could start a fire very easily. If you want to go ahead but addin a fuse to blow before the fire would start..

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    i was under impression the main concern for starting a fire off the cigarette lighter was when u used the positive and negative off it as thats where most of the power comes from, the on/off ignition wire runs to cig lighter too and this only needs a small current to make the wiring understand that it can now get power? or am i totally wrong in that?

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