Hi all! This would be my first time here so hope you can all help me!

I have an M1 ATX power supply running my carputer system and am using the remote amp turn on lead to switch a relay which in turn switches on amps, neons, fans, etc and this was all working fine until the other day... It has now started only turning on sometimes, and upon checking with a multimeter, i have found that there is only 4.8ish volts coming out of the remote lead, and i think the relay needs 5, since when you switch the engine on, it gives 4.9ish and sometimes trips it on... I tested the relay with a 9v battery and it works fine so its the voltage which is the problem.

Can anyone tell me what it is supposed to read? Since remote power is usually 12v, and it doesnt say how much the psu should be putting out here. If it is meant to be only 5v then i can use a transistor or small relay to trip the big one, but would rather have the PSU do it properly!