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Thread: i have a laptop with a dead battery can i run it from the battery

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    Built dc-dc powersuply( boost converter), i've seen it in elektor magz, 12V (8-16V) to 19V 5A max (depend on heatsink) 10pk. Use lm3842
    - Will work for Bandwith -

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    thanks but wow, i sold this forever ago, maybe this thread will help someone else

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    Quote Originally Posted by RawsonDR
    Hibernate uses a lot less power than standy, for the reason you mentioned (powering memory). But it is still entirely possible that the computer provides +5vsb power during hibernate - this power is usually supplied even when the computer is off.
    I've never seen a Laptop put out voltage on the USB ports when Off / Hibernated. Desktops, sure.

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    my laptop does NOT put out power when in hibernate, or standby for that matter

    usb is completely shut off, which is the way i like it :T

    hmm, my desktop shuts all power to the usb as well, but for some mobo's that might be an option i suppose, to keep the usb's running, i wouldnt know, dont have any mobos with any options like that, lol

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