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Thread: Help on Carnetix Voltage Detect

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    Help on Carnetix Voltage Detect

    My Carnetix 60w v1.5 turns off if the voltage drops below 12.1V. It is supposed to be 10V, but it's not, it is 12.1V. Because of this, I can not run my PC without my car started .

    Does anyone know which resistor devider to change?

    I did and , but all I found was a thread on the Carnetix forum saying that people on MP3Car were changing it from 10V to 11V. However, the search on MP3Car returned no such results.

    Again, what I need to do is change mine from 12.1V to 11V low-battery cut-off.


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    Ah ****, I don't have my stuff right now cause my car was in an accident, but is there possibly a jumper that does it? I remember there being a few in there, but they may control only different times...
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    No, there is no jumper for voltage detect. From what I have read, it is done with the combination of a resister voltage divider, and firmware code (not sure if it is read through a ADC or what).

    I just need to know which resistor to change, I can figure out what to change it to myself. Actually, all I need is a schematic and I could figure it all out from there.

    I also have no idea what my 60-watt v1.5 thinks the battery is too low at 12.1 volts. I'm fairly sure it was designed to cut-off at 11V. ???

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