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Thread: PC Case Connector suggestions?

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    PC Case Connector suggestions?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm building the case for my mini-atx motherboard with the M2-ATX power supply. I am trying to figure out a connecor that I could build into the case that would allow me to easily unplug the PC and bring it into the house.

    This is what I figure I need for wires:

    1 - Constant power
    1 - Ignition Power
    1 - Ground
    4 - wires to external DVD drive
    2 - wires to Lilli

    So that's 9 wires. I was thinking about getting a 12-wire molex style male and female connector from rat shack. This would give me 3 extra connections for future expansion.

    Now the problem. I found a chart that says 10 guage wire is required for 15 amp power transmission. The 12-wire molex connector only accepts 18-22 guage wires. The M2-ATX is fused for 15 amps and so I believe the 10 guage wire to be mandatory.

    I could take the 3 wires for power/ground and run them to their own connector and then go with a 9-wire molex style plug for the other connections. They are less amperage.

    Does anyone have any great ideas for a connector I can build into my case for attaching the 3 power wires? I find a DC Power Jack at Rat Shack but it is also meant for very small wires. Not having much luck figuring out a good solution and I could use suggestions!

    8" Lilli TS
    MB896F Mini-ITX MB
    2GHZ Dothan 533MHz FSB CPU
    1GB SDRAM DDR2 533
    Seagate 300GB SATA150 HD
    Pioneer Slot Load SLIM DVDRW
    Bluetooth V2 USB 2 Dongle
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    Good idea, I dont have any input, but bump for the idea, similiar things have been done before I believe
    2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?

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    if you're gonna use it indoors, then there's no reason for the ignition to matter, so you could just put a few diodes inside the case, and have two power/ground wires, and then just pick a power coupling that supports 10GA wire.

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