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Thread: 30 Min Off Delay, M2-ATX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02
    can anyone else confirm that... that hour option looked good to me
    I've bought a new M1ATX since that post and the 10min/ 1hour option works fine.

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    i set mine on abcd 0101 and it works fine.
    1h delay
    1h 15m hardoff

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    Guy, you know what this is just BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) ?

    You can wire up a BCD switch like this to make it easier to switch settings without having to fiddle about with jumpers.

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    My prefered setting would be 5sec / 24h.
    Because I would want to be 24h in Standby and then the PS should pull the plug !!

    But unfortunately not possible . Probably I have to do my own start / stop controller, damn! Or does somebody see a solution??

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    I went to the site mentioned here for the source code, but it was not available. Can you send me a copy of provide a working site?


    Quote Originally Posted by kamikaze2112 View Post
    Andrei from Mini-Box confirmed the existance of the

    0001 10 minutes / 1 hour
    1001 15 minutes / 2 hours
    0101 1 hour / 1 hour 15 minutes

    settings via e-mail. He also said that the source code for the unit is available for modification. I wonder what sort of work it would be to modify the code...

    Source code in zip file is available here:

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