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Thread: Hibernate best way to resume? plz help

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    Hibernate best way to resume? plz help

    I am new to the foruma and have finally completed my carputer install. The last issue I have is how to shut down the pc. What is the best way? As of now, the PC power is just "dropped" after the 1 minute waiting period when I leave my car. Should I manually hibernate? What is the best method? Is there software that will do this for me? Thanks for any help.

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    What power supply are you using? What kind of motherboard?

    Suspend is best for resume speed when you turn on the car, but pulls more power than hibernate, so not reccomeneded if you don't drive a lot.

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    Sorry forgot to post. I am using a 120w opus, with a epia-V via. any more suggestions? thx in advance

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    The software you need is Windows.

    You basically set the power button to put the PC into hibernate. Your PSU will simulate the press of the power butting after 1min, putting the PC into hibernation. When you turn the key and the PC boots, it resumes from hibernate.

    There's dozens of threads about this and a writeup int he FAQ Emporium. There's no need to start a new thread, unless you're too lazy to do a little research. And then, there's still no reason, but you get flamed.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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