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Thread: Ground Loop Isolate - Good Results!

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    Ground Loop Isolate - Good Results!

    My cpu system is a Gigabyte MATX board running a Sempron 2600+, 512mb ram, Lilli 629 molded into my dash, 220watt atx PSU, and a 700 watt (400rms) Vector Inverter with the Mpegbox Startup/Shutdown controller. I am using onboard sound/video from the mobo. I am totally headunitless now, going from the CarPC to my amps to my speakers/subs. I had initially been getting a fairly bad hiss (especially from the subs), which I suspected was a ground loop.

    So I bought the ground loop isolator from Radioshack for 15.99. It solved about 95% of my sound hissing/popping. The subs have absolutely no hiss/buzz at all anymore, and the front componets have only a tiny bit at high levels. Just wanted to put it up here that this thing, in some cases, actually works and makes a dramatic difference. I think I'll be holding off on buying an M2-ATX now until they get all the bugs out of it.

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    I will keep that info in mind when I go to install my setup. Thanks for the great info!

    I love what Radio Shack puts in the description of the item: Be the only one humming to the music.

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