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Thread: M1-Atx: can i monkeywire it like this...

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    Lightbulb M1-Atx: can i monkeywire it like this...

    I have an M1-ATX which came stock with two floppy power-connectors connected in series. They are currently being wired to my slimdrive cdrom and my 2.5HDD respectively.

    It seems that my 2.5"HD is only using the 5v line (red wire)... and I wanted to add a couple molex connectors to power my xenarc and other stuff at 12V (yellow wire)...

    so I bought a fan connector-adaptor, yanked the pins out and plugged it into the HD plug and wound up with this (my mod are the blue wires):

    Someone tell me this is OK before my newbie self fries everything.

    I shouldn't have problem powering things with the ghetto-wired molex I have now right? If I were to Y split that molex to make two, then I should still be okay right?

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    I would figure it will be too high of power consoption, but I dont see why it would hurn anything.
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    You should be just fine.
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    Should be okay.
    I am using a Y-cable to get an extra molex connector as well.

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