Went down to Autoparts America today and got this generic remote controled switch-box that works awesome. I've rigged it to opperate my inverter and turn my computer on.

The switch box can be toggled for continuous power or pulse. Switch "1" is connected to a relay and allows a ground to the "remote (-)". I turn on the computer by connecting switch "2" to the wires that get plugged into the power on pin. There's no way to mess of up the palarity bcause the switch is simply spliced into a single wire and close the connect when on or causing a break to turn off.. As for the power on the the m/b itself, kinda the same as it will, for just an instense, complete a connection between either of the two pins that would normally be connected to a power switch.

The remote is simple and has 4 buttons labbled 1,2,3,4 respectively. The range is awesome; I can turn on my computer from inside of my house when it's still parked outside, accross the streat. The range has gone down a bit, I think it's because I never us the off switch on the remote itself. The migrus m/b boots up pretty quick, but it's just nice to step in with everything on and ready to go even before the truck is started. I have a 90 amp alt and a redtop bat so charge doesn't seem to be a prob here, nor does crank effect volt enough to cause a reboot. got it for like 34 bucks and just have to remember that to turn everything on by hitting 1 then 2 and turning off needs opposite: 2 then 1. I've hit the 1 a couple of times while on and the only thing that gets messed up with this is my roadrunnner chache file for the xm station lists.. annoying to have to delete it for my xm to work again and actually show the stations. I think I want to eventually add a light or some sort of becon so I know when the inverter is powered on when I'm walking to/from the car... something small should work.. does JCWithney still sell that Kit car light for the grill?