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Thread: is 350W power supply will work in a car too ?

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    is 350W power supply will work in a car too ?

    I meant i have an old 350W power supply, and I want to use it. Will it works in a car too ? then how you gonna to wire it? thanks for the newbie question.

    Here is the stuff I have so far.

    Asus A7N8X mobo
    amd 2500 ( is it good ? gonna order an used 1 soon)
    kingston 512mb
    Gefore 4 FX 5600
    Power supply 350W
    panasonic slot load
    Tv tuner

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    Yes you can use that power supply, but then you will need an inverter. Look at the FAQ for a directive on how to wire your power supply using an inverter.
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