I have the following:

Lilliput 7" TFT
Epia M10000 Nehemiah
512mb Kingston Ram
30gb Hard drive 2.5" Notebook hard drive
Slimline DVD USB 2.0
Opus Vehicle Case
Opus 90 watt DC-DC Powersupply

When the PC was first installed everything worked fine, but my battery was weak so the PC died. After charging battery and starting car(before ignition was just on) the PC went to the welcome to Windows screen, restarted to POST then shut off. The diagnostic LED was not blinking after this, so I unplugged the power connection then shut off car and replugged the connection. The diagnostic LED now blinks 3 times. After consluting the manual it says that I am either overloading the output of the PSU or the PSU is bad.

My question is, is the 90W Opus being overloaded by my setup? If so, would I be better off buying a 120W Opus?

Thanks for the help