Ok, you know how the opus 120 has a blue wire used to power on remote devices? Well, I have that wire to power on my subwoffer...

However, when the opus 120 is set on the 10min shutdown delay, that power goes out once the ignition key is removed. Now, when i return to my car, before the 10 min are up, I power on my car/iginition but the remote wire is not sending power for the subwoffer to come back on.

That would mean, if one would want to power such device, the car would have to be off for the 10 min, and reboot in order for that remote wire to re send remote power on.

Devices hooked up to the opus-120 delayed power on, wont turn back on if you return power before the time out for shutdown initiation...
Is this by design? or a slight flaw/oversight?

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Meanwhile, a work-around is to wire the subwoffer ignition sensor to the same spot as the opus iginition sensor. This way they both come on at the same time when iginition is activated. In my case, this is the best option for wiring scenario.