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Thread: Weird Opus 150 PSU problem?

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    Question Weird Opus 150 PSU problem?

    I have everything hooked up and running.

    Only one problem...
    The computer runs fine for 5 minutes sometime and 2 hours for others but every now and then it shuts down regardless of tempreture or bumps.

    Also sometimes when it shuts off it doesnt start back up and wont until i disconnect the 3 pin power cable from the back of the opus and wait a couple minutes and plug it back in. I have tried unplugging for a few seconds but it only powers back up after at least 3 minutes of being unplugged. Not sure where to even start? Any ideas anyone?!
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    Is the PSU LED flashing? Try Using one of the many power calculators to see if you are drawing too much current on any of the voltage rails? What kind of setup are you powering off the PSU?

    It does sound a bit weird that you have to wait 3mins before plugging the PSU back in. Maybe shoot an email to Opus and ask them.
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