The PC has been running smoothly for the past month. Today, I went out to the car, started it and the carPC wouldn't turn on. When I got home, I checked all the wiring and everything looks ok. Unfortunately, my Opus is anal as hell, so much for it being the "Caddy of Powersupplies" it's given me nothing but headaches.

First, it wasn't blinking at all. Don't know why. Last time I had a problem with the Opus, I disconnected plugs and plugged them back in and tada it started working again. So, I figured I'd try it this time. I unplugged the ATX plug, and the supply's LED gives me the idle / standby 1 blink. Great! So I plug the ATX plug back into the supply, alas no blink anymore. I unplugged it from the mobo, starts blinking again. Plug the ATX plug back into the mobo, stops blinking. I've tried numerous unplugging and plugging back in to see if that fixes anything, but nothing has worked thus far. Anyone have any ideas? The PC worked perfectly fine yesterday, so it's not like something is bad on the PC.