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Thread: SBC 5.25" advantech and powersupply choices

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    SBC 5.25" advantech and powersupply choices

    so i've been doing plenty of reading and i just wanted to see what everyones thoughts were on this idea.
    im picking up a advantech 5.25" SBC, 1ghz celly, and 512mb ram for 140(can)
    here are the specs on the board
    i havent decided what i'll do for a hard drive, it will most likely be a 2.5" laptop drive, or a CFII microdrive since the 9577 offers a cfII slot which rides on the ide controller.
    now, i've been trying to find information on my PSU choice, i was origionally inclined to go with the M1-atx but it seems like lots of issues with them that and it offers voltages i simply dont need, the 9577 only needs +5,+12,+5sb.
    it looks like OPUS is a good choice, i was looking for peoples experiences with the 80watt 512 PSU, it offers everything i need SDC, and the headers for 5SB, Power on.
    does anyone see anything wrong with using that opus for this design? and does anyone have any first hand experience with the 80w model?

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    The Opus will give you the same extra 'unused voltages. You'd also have to figure everything out from an ATX connector and/or purchase an adapter, assuming one exists!

    I think that a Carnetix P-1290 is what you want.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Excuse my ignorance, but can you explain why the P1290 is better suted for me?
    it doesent apear to offer enough current on the 5V rail (3A) the 9577 board requires 5A and peaks at 10A.
    also, what do you mean when you say the opus will give the extra voltages and i'll have to adapt from the atx connector. looking at the user's guide, it offers an 8 pin molex with 2 +5, 2 +12, and 4 Gnd.

    regardless making any power adapters will be fairly easy since all my 9577 requires is 1 12V, 2 5v, and 2Gnd
    maybe you're thinking of a different opus model, this is the one i was referring to.


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    As long as you won't need to pull more than 8a on the 5v rail constantly, the 80w opus you reference will work just fine.


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