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Thread: Quick advice needed!!

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    Exclamation Quick advice needed!!


    Just bought a carnetix p1900 (real cheap) and now i need an atx dc supply to power a micro atx celeron 800mhz mobo. I've found this one
    ( and think it will work, i will only be running a laptop dvd drive, 3.5" hdd and gps.

    What do you guys think??

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    Looks like it could work.
    I'd check the power draw on that celeron CPU here:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Think it may work

    The wattage for p3 celereons is between 20.8 and 24, pretty sure mines a 20 watt one. Not sure about motherboard draw but surely can't be significant if dvd drive is only 4 watts. Could always get a 2.5" HDD but for now I would like to keep a 3.5" one. Also if the supply struggles on the 5v rail for usb stuff then I could buy the third output board for the carnetix.

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