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Thread: Carnetix Power supplies rock!

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    Carnetix Power supplies rock!

    For those of you using other power supplies (I used to use an Opus 150), the carnetix power supplies ( are far superior!

    They offer multiple voltages (between the P1290 and P1900): 5V, 12V, 19V.

    They continually monitor and protect the battery.

    They fully support S3 standby mode by monitoring for over current conditions (yes, current, not voltage)!

    Multiple units can be "linked" together in master-slave mode.

    They are programmable with a $15 cable with multiple adjustable timing and voltage parameters!

    Customer support is awesome (had many questions, concerns - all addressed in short order).

    Just thought I would post my impressions after revamping my carPC setup to use their equipment.

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    You're also talking about product that have two entirely different functions, as well.
    The Opus is designed to work with an ATX-compliant motherboard using the 20-pin ATX connector. The Carnetix units are meant to regulate power to use an existing DC-DC adapter, such as that used for a laptop or a miniPC liket he AOpen Pandora or the MacMini.
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    How about the Wiki?

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    ^^^ that's an overstatement ^^^

    They both serve as DC.DC regulators and as startup/shutdown controllers. In these respects the Carnetix units offer more functionality and safeguards.

    You do make a good point that one needs to pick up an ATX DC.DC supply to actually interface with the motherboard when using the Carnetix units (which many ITX cases such as the Travla series come with anyway).

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