Hey Guys,

Just want to confirm and throw out some thoughts on a few things I have going with wiring my Carnetix P1900, Travla, and LCD screen...

For the P1900:
manual: http://www.carnetix.com/installation...ManualV2_0.pdf

On Page 17, it says I must run both Primary Battery inputs must be run for the higher voltage (19v) as well as for ground. What guage wire is recommended to combine the two leads into one? Also what method is best for combing the two leads into one? solder?

So for J1, Input power:
Pin 1 & 4 to ground
Pin 3 & 6 to bigger wire, which are run to the battery
Pin 5 to ignition wire

J2, Output power
Pin 1 & 5 to the Travla power cable power
Pin 2 & 6 to Travla power cable ground
Pin 7 - Secondary power to LCD monitor
Pin 8 (green acpi) to the acpi wire that came with the travla kit. The black ground as part of that cable should tie into what?

Now on page 17 of the manual it says to cut the black travla power cable to 6 inches or less to minimize loss. I was planning on putting the DC/DC regulator in my dash where there is more room / airflow and extending that wire to run to the carpc under the passanger seat. If they are saying to cut it, and im going to extend it by 5-6 feet, will this be a problem?

My goal is to have the pc turn on when the car is started, and turn off when the car is turned off (computer completely auto shutdown) so it does not effect my battery whatsoever. What are the recommended jumper settings for this? The manual is throwing my mind for a curveball for some reason.

Thanks guys!