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Thread: XMDirect powered directly from car's battery?

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    XMDirect powered directly from car's battery?

    I'm trying to figure out if XMDirect unit needs regulated power or not, I would like to wire it to my car's power but I know this would require that the unit would have a power regulator inside, which I'm not sure if it does. These units are deisgned to be used in cars so I assumed they should have built-in regulators, but do they? Or is the regulator inside a cable you buy for your headunit? So if you have a pioneer headunit and you were to get a pioneer xmdirect cable that cable would have the power regulator inside?

    Anyways, can this thing be powered directly from an unregulated car's power source or it needs a power regulator? If you know, please answer asap as I'm outside today installing this carputer, this never lasting project that I've been doing for past 2 years.

    P.S: I've searched for over 40 minutes and didn't find anything.

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    If you're talking about the XM Direct unit meaning the small square box with the XM symbol on it, then it's designed to go in a car. It wasn't meant for 'in-home use'.

    If you're using a timetrax interface box, that I don't know.

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    you can stick it right to your car bat

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    this is the one i'm talking about

    Does it require regulated power or not? I found some thread that said it does require regulated power and to power it of the computer's PSU.

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    Unregulated car voltage is fine with that unit. It was built to be installed in a car.
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    Be sure to ground the case. I had a alternator whine that I couldn't get rid of using 2 power line noise filters and a ground loop isolator. I finally figured out it was the direct unit feeding the noise through the line in. Once I gounded the case the noise went away.
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