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Thread: Opus 2 or 3 flashes

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    Opus 2 or 3 flashes

    I got a problem of my Opus 90W..
    I did all the wiring and I used it for a period of time ( around few months) but recently, my opus doesn't power up the motherboard , the led flashes twice , and i check the wiring, and plugged again to the motherboard, then the led flashes three times, as i know three times flashes means that the battery is low , or output overloaded or shorted... but i recharged the battery or even connect to the battery charger, the led still got three flashes......
    what can i do for that ? should i change to use M2?

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    can you try another motherboard? also check your power switch pins. They could be reversed. Have you tried powering it up with a standard ATX PSU? Unfortunately it could be a dead PSU, if this is the case, try contacting OPUS.
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    yea the motherboard is bulit-in in a case which has a power supply already and it works fine as a tv multicenter for me and now i wanna put it back into my car, and i did check the switch pin when i saw the two flashes, after i changed it , it became normal one flash, and when i turned on the engine and the opus has three flashes and the motherboard fan keep moving a bit and stop continously...

    i guess my opus is dead?

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