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Thread: DSATX 220 review? will it shut down USB ports?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chewEboy
    anyone know anything about this power supply?

    my opus 150 has stuffed it and when I send em back I might be able to swap it

    and if the DSATX 220 can shut down the USB ports unlike the opus 150 I would swap

    DSATX turns off the power to the USB ports by default. If you want it to act like an opus, that is a feature you have to program with the serial port adapter. But by default it doesn't kill your battery like the Opus does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert
    Man, you Britons are getting ripped off for Opus PSUs!

    tell me about it.... we get ripped off for EVERYTHING

    thing thats annoying me the moments is body kits

    I need a kit for my ford probe and in america you can get some well nice ones and theree all dirt cheap

    here.... there like trippled in price and you can only get like 2 kits...

    need to move country..... but then I wouldnt drive a
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