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Thread: Opus 150 not cutting what now?

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    Opus 150 not cutting what now?

    I have been having constant trouble with the opus being unstable. At first it would not provide power to my system during standby so opus sent me a new one. The new one also has standby issue’s and reboots my PC if it has been on for more than an hour. What is the next best power supply?

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    I've got a KPI 250W DC-DC PSU.
    If you consider doing an even trade let me know via PM.
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    In my opinion, the DSATX beats every other DC-DC PSU hands down, including the Opus 150w.
    It has features that no other DC-DC unit currently on the market has, and a full 220w of power and is far more efficient, meaning it's using less of the vehicle's electricity to power the same wattage PC.

    From a fiscal standpoint, I believe the DSATX is a superior value.
    The DSATX with the brainstem to program it to your liking is US$201.74. ($189.99 + $11.75)
    To get similar functionality with the Keypower 250W, you'd need the PSU itself for $198.00, a shutdown controller for $41.99.
    You still wouldn't have thermal protection at the PSU or battery protection, and you've dropped $50 more.

    That's based on prices of new equipment. I'm certain that if DJiK has a used one, it would be a lot cheaper than new.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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